Autographs, Abductions and A-List Authors



Bea Emerson’s first MrWAR Conference (Mystery/Romance Writers And Readers) is almost her last. When a best-selling author dies while autographing a book for Bea, it puts her under suspicion of murder and under investigation by Abilene homicide detective L.J. Remarchik.
However, Bea isn’t too disturbed by that since L.J. is a handsome older guy. Then another famous mystery writer is murdered and Bea almost dies with him. That convinces L.J. she might need some special protection. He decides to undertake that task personally and the sparks between them fly.

It isn’t until the famous Silver Stylus award ceremony in which Bea is a contestant that the true killer is unmasked, almost costing Bea her life and her award for Best First Novel. While L.J. is able to save Bea from a killer, he can’t help breaking her heart — or can he?