Aspen Shift



Paris native, Alix Godard, seeks adventure by taking a job in a new country, but a solo hike in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado brings her to the brink of death. A mysterious being appears out of nowhere and shields her from a wolf attack. Suddenly life as Alix knows it is forever altered.

When she accepts an invitation from dashing Aspen native, Kynan Byrne, to show her around town, her strong attraction to him becomes tainted with fear and mistrust when he seems to have detailed information about her fall on the mountain trail to which he should not be privy.

Alix is stunned to learn Aspen holds not only beauty but an entire world she never knew existed–the dangerous world of the Shifters. Who—and what—is Kynan Byrne? Is Alix’s wildly-handsome and wealthy suitor predator–or protector?