Ask Nothing in Return



In the beginning, they asked for nothing in return–but soon found everything they could possibly ask for…

Dr. Alena Nichols believes love is forever–until she suffers a stroke and her fiance disappears without a word. Devastated, she wants nothing more than to be left alone, but when her ex skipped out, he left something behind that his partner is willing to kill to get.

Treasury Agent Sam McCullen came to the east coast for one reason: retrieve the memory card that Alena’s fiance stole. Looking for answers, Sam infiltrates the beautiful doctor’s life, becoming her friend and protector. Scarred from a nasty divorce, Sam never wanted another relationship, but getting close to Alena makes him rethink everything.

With danger closing in, they follow clues that only Alena can decipher to retrieve the memory card. But can they learn to look beyond the past and trust in love again?