Angel’s Share (The Fado Trilogy)



Doctor Aidan Kennedy thought he’d left his past behind in the troubled streets of Belfast, but revenge is a hard habit to break. Time and distance have not quenched his thirst to avenge his brother’s murder, nor have they been able to extinguish the image of the beautiful Galway woman who stole his heart one night in a Dublin pub.

Kerry Sloane, the “voice” of the Irish music group Fadό, has fought to overcome devastating loss and grief to start a new life in America and succeed in her career. Now living in Boston, she’s on the verge of national recognition. Tracked by a ruthless killer from Aidan’s past, has she underestimated the price of fame?

Four years ago vengeance tore them from one another’s arms. Will it be the catalyst to once again spark the flames of love? Or will Kerry pay the ultimate price of Aidan’s vow to see that his brother’s killer is unmasked?