Angel of Fire



After an attempted rape by her foster father, Raxiel fled to the city streets to live among the homeless. One hopeless day, she feels compelled to search for the true love foretold in her mother’s prophesy. Her hunt leads to the roof of a high-tech building nearby.

Seamus, a software engineer, finds Raxiel crouched at the roof’s edge. Less than thirty seconds later, she’s convinced him to quit smoking. An electric connection, he had never felt before, swept over him, demanding he take her into his care. Within the hour, his boss is dead, and he loses his job.

As the couple explores their newfound relationship, a legion of the damned attack and pursue them, convinced Raxiel holds an ancient, powerful tome their leader is determined to possess. Will Seamus and Raxiel find The Book of Wisdom and defeat the forces of darkness or will Hell claim its final victory?