An Ashy Affair



Firefighter Ashton Blaise is brave, handsome, kind, and can cook both on the stove and in the bedroom. He routinely saves animals from the flames. Women want him, all except Leah Allain, new director of the local animal shelter, not even after he saves a kitten found in her burning house. Her resistance intrigues him as does the fact that her home was intentionally set afire.

Not totally immune to Ash’s charms, Leah is determined not to get involved with another guy out of her league like the married man who took advantage of her. Responsible for her senile grandmother, this time she cannot pull up roots and run. Though she picks on Ash’s few faults to drive him away, he keeps finding excuses to be part of her life. Can Ash start a fire in Leah’s heart and keep it blazing?