An Arm and a Leg



Albuquerque divorcee Frankie O’Neil dreams of having a normal life. However, given her penchant for making the worst possible decisions about men and the fact she hoards food and hears the voices of dead relatives who hint at a dark family secret, her life is anything but normal.

When her brother is shot minutes after leaving a package in her freezer, the police suspect her of murder and order her not to leave town. But sticking around brings on a new set of problems–trying not to fall in love with the deputy who suspects her of being a cannibalistic serial killer and proving her innocence by finding the real killers before they kill her. And, if finding a death threat written in children’s chalk beside a strangled bird on her front porch, dodging a speeding car intent on running her down, and barely escaping flames destroying her home are any indication, time is running out.