Accidentally A Bride



* This 2015 edition is revised and expanded. 133 Pages.
Dallas writer Gwen Taylor loves her debauched life—free-flowing booze, exotic locals, and all the men she desires. The only problem is all that partying sometimes makes her forget important things, like why she’s waking up naked in Davenroe, Scotland the night after the fire ceremony. And who is that delicious-looking man who seems so intent on spending time with her?

Artist Grant McLeod will do anything to convince this feisty embodiment of Aphrodite herself to stay in Scotland. In fact, he married Gwen during the festival and now has 48-hours to seduce the stubborn woman into remaining married to him, or he might lose her forever.

Once Gwen discovers the truth of their marriage, she figures there’s no harm in enjoying the remaining hours they have together. Only, the longer she’s with Grant, the less she wants to leave. Now she has to decide—trust the life she loves, or trust the man who promises her the life she never thought she deserved?