A Wild Red Rose (The Roses)



Rodeo bullfighter, Clinton O. Beck, has courage and compassion, especially for animals that have been abused. A man not afraid of a challenge, he takes on the gorgeous, gold digging Renee Hayes, hoping to teach her the simple pleasures in life have the most meaning. However, he plans on keeping two secrets while he educates her–his middle name and the fact that he is heir to a fortune.

Bad girl Renee Niles Bouchard Hayes is between rich husbands and bored. With nothing better on her agenda she plans to amuse herself with the handsome bullfighter who offers to take her on a road trip she will never forget. While she plans for extravagance he delivers simplicity.

Clinton learned long ago that those who have been hurt the most fight back the hardest. He’s a match for any bull in the ring, but will he be strong enough to tame Renee?