A Web of Vengeance



Taryn’s entire life has revolved around a single goal—revenge against her grandfather’s murderers. Except she can’t find answers to their identities anywhere. Her ability to achieve invisibility is pretty useless, and her family won’t let the secret of her adoption out of the bag.

Quint is a hunter, sent by a secret group called Dalliance, to track down a serial killer who takes out his victims with psionic blasts. He’s certain he can handle the killer, but it’s Taryn, his quarry’s target, that he’s not sure about.

Taryn looks to right her past in order to secure her future. The only way she can do so is to trust Quint, the man who may or may not be who he says he is. Love conquers all, or so they say. Too bad Taryn doesn’t believe in love.