A Trollop’s Treasure (Riverhaven Rogues Book 6)



Determined to avoid an arranged marriage, adventurous Lady Anna Spencer decides to run off to join her sister in America. To this end, she enlists the help of the handsome Scottish head groom on her father’s estate, but this escapade may prove more challenging than her ladyship expected.

The groom, known simply as Lex, is a fugitive from the army, having deserted in order to bring Lady Anna’s severely wounded brother safely home from France. With the redcoats hot on his trail, he agrees to accompany Lady Anna, only to learn she’s also on a quest for sunken treasure from the court of Louis XVI.

Arriving in Riverhaven, New Brunswick, they suddenly find themselves in the midst of a collection of rogues even more notorious than themselves. Will these outlaws be of any help against the problems that have followed Lex and Lady Anna from England?