A Tangled Web



Con artist Victoria Denton is finally caught by private investigator Trevor Sloane who is determined she face the music for a previous swindle. Upon arrival in Granite Springs, Colorado, they find the victim dead with Vicky’s brother, and sometime accomplice, the main suspect.
Vicky and Trevor team up to find the real killer. Could it be the victim’s desperate for money brother-in-law? Or the drug and alcohol addicted nephew? Is the ex-convict gardener the culprit? Or is it someone a lot closer to the action?
Another murder ups the ante, and the two of them are next on the killer’s hit list. They must solve the crime before becoming statistics.
During the investigation, the cautious Vicky and untrusting Trevor fall hard for each other. Can she convince him she’s a new person? Can he overlook her past to find the happiness he’s sought for years? And will they live long enough to find the answer?