A Silver Lining (Flower Basket)



After a brief marriage, Linda Lafferty has taken care of her small family by herself. She figures everyone is entitled to one mistake and she doesn’t plan to allow another undependable man in her life. Her first task is to trim the budget of the small college she works for. She targets aging playboy professor Mitch Collins. After all, what does a course in leisure studies truly offer?

Mitch’s father was a workaholic who didn’t spend time with his family. Pursuing leisure studies ensured Mitch would never fall into the same trap. He’s kept his promise and enjoys his single life and his reputation of only dating younger women not looking for a commitment.

A night spent searching for Linda’s son who went missing after taking one of his classes finds him changing his mind. Maybe there is more to life than just play. Can he convince Linda that they can balance work, leisure and find everlasting love in the process?