A Scandalous Request



London, 1812. After fleeing the clutches of her vile brother-in-law, Rose Evans finds refuge in the home of her dear friend, Lord Ashton Sennett. They come to an agreement, a marriage of friendly convenience. Since another holds claim to Ashton’s heart and body, he seeks to see that Rose experiences all life has to offer. And so to Lord Darington he makes a most scandalous request.

Burke Darington, Third Earl of Blackwood and an austere, solitary man, can scarce believe his ears. Apparently, his whispered reputation has earned him an outrageous solicitation – Lord Sennett wants him to seduce his wife. Though Burke finds Rose fascinating, sweet, intelligent, and with a unique bent toward independence, she is also innocent. She deserves better than to be fouled by a tainted man.

A seduction, a shooting, and an unexpected matter of the heart, throw two wounded souls into a sensational scandal.