A River for Gemma



Miracles abound in Sugar Creek, a small-town nestled near the horse trails and hazelnut orchards of Oregon’s lush countryside. It is here, where twenty-six-year old Gemma Porter lives a vibrant life chasing her dreams. But Gemma is underestimated by a world that pigeonholes her as “intellectually disabled.” While the naysayers and bullies only see Gemma’s limitations, her beloved grandmother sees the heart of a genius—and a soul of divination. When Gemma’s longing to be a mother collides with her grandmother’s hidden past, three generations of Porter women are put in peril. A harrowing adventure unfolds into a heroic quest to save their lives. As Gemma’s bravery is tested, she will need to prove that regardless of age or intellect, a mother’s love knows no bounds.