A Reason to Fly



Nate Thomas is sick to death of constant business trips and crowded airports. Then, before a customary Monday morning flight, Nate is forced to alter his carefully-arranged routine. His unplanned encounter with Annabelle, a confident and quirky kiosk clerk, permanently alters his worldview. Instantly, every trip is an occasion to anticipate, just to see Annabelle’s smile as she hands him change and intrigues him with her peculiar philosophy on customer habits.

Over coffee and bagel breakfasts, clandestine observations of eccentric passengers, and occasional electric brushes of fingers, Nate realizes that his growing attraction to Annabelle is quickly turning into something weightier than he ever expected.

But after so many pre-flight hours in Annabelle’s company, Nate arrives at the airport only to learn that Annabelle has quit her job as a clerk without warning. Can he muster the confidence to track Annabelle down outside of the airport bubble, or has he permanently lost his reason to fly?