A Model Engagement (City of Dreams Series Book 2)



Lacey Reed’s in trouble.
Her impulsive flight from her small town into the world of big city modeling was a blast. Until it wasn’t. Until a photographer drugged and filmed her without her consent. Now she’s paying him off because there’s no way she’ll let her career Navy dad lose a chance at his dream promotion because of unsavory tabloid stories about her.
Lacey’s running out of money and options.
Connor Devlin’s career is all about making winning bets. When he needs a band-aid for a family crisis, he bets Lacey can fill that need and act as his fake fiancée.
Lacey and Connor fit together all too well and their fake engagement feels all too real.
Everything comes apart when the blackmailer up the ante.
When Lacey decides to face down the blackmailer, will her relationship with Connor survive the fallout? Because it was only a model engagement…