A Midwife for Sweetwater and A New Face in Town



A Midwife for Sweetwater

Young Rebecca Johansen had just signed a contract making her Sweetwater, Kansas’ midwife. Despite her misgivings she knew she would be useful to the growing town and a dependable source of medical care for the women and children living there.
Although she had never heard of such a generous salary nor the fact she had been hired and brought there by the future fathers of the town’s children, she felt blessed to be chosen. Now she was determined not to let those men or their families down.
Even though keeping a secret of her own, she felt she could more than fulfill her duties. But will her passion and mutual desire for one man be more of a stumbling block than she ever could have conceived?

A New Face In Town

Frightened and alone, Victoria Watkins was fighting to make right what had suddenly become very, very wrong. Once thinking she had her whole future set out for her, she finds herself in a strange town seeking work without any credentials or confidence. After all, what could a poor girl raised in the tobacco fields of Tennessee offer a growing town like Sweetwater?
And what was she to do when Mason, the local sheriff, all but calls her a felon and danger to the town? How could she explain her stupidity or expect any help from total strangers who didn’t quite trust her either?
And the other feelings the she had to push aside only caused her more distress. She had only been trying to find a family to belong to, a place to call home and a man to want her for herself. Would her desire for the man who held her in such contempt be her downfall?