A Hot Time In Texas



Twink Harrison dreams of opening a restaurant of her very own in the tiny town of Howard, Texas, the only place she ever felt free of the tyranny of her controlling father. But she could lose everything if stuffy bank officer Ethan McCloud won’t give her a loan.

Ethan can’t wait to brush the dust of Howard off his polished wingtips. He refuses to give himself up to the podunk little town that sucked the life out of his father. A new job awaits in Chicago, but Twink threatens to derail his carefully-laid plans.

It might just take a little good luck to bring them together, and part-time psychic Margie McCloud finds it in the bottom of a teacup. But will she work her spell in time for Ethan and Twink to quit running from who they are and realize their fortunes lie in each other?