A Ghost of a Chance (Spiorad Investigations Team Book 1)



Rory O’Brian is a man haunted by his past—by the best friend he couldn’t save and the enigmatic woman who slipped out of his grasp. Now he has a real specter to deal with. The ghostly apparition visits Rory at night, bringing bone-chilling warnings of dark things to come.
Mina Johnson comes to his aid like a knight in shining armor. Or shiny lip gloss. As the founder of Spiorad, a paranormal investigation agency, she’s the ideal person to help Rory with his mysterious ghost girl. At least, she would be, if she weren’t also the woman who spent one glorious, mind-bending night with him years ago.
As the former lovers work together to solve the mystery surrounding his home, it becomes apparent Mina is not only the perfect person to help Rory exorcise the literal ghosts in his house but to help him battle the demons of his past.