A Chance Encounter (CLIFTON Capers Book 3)



Carefree bachelor, Sir Walter Munford has not the least intention of marrying. There is certainly no one of his acquaintance he could tolerate, marry, and produce the heir his father so desires. But marry he must, and before the year is out.

An impossible task! Had he not already attended the best balls and danced attendance at every social function? He had done all that was expected of him and still could not find a woman who stirred his senses.

Then he rescues a beautiful stranger and it’s clear to his friends that his bachelor days are numbered. But who is she? What secrets is she hiding? Can she be trusted?

These are the same questions the stranger is asking of herself. Badly beaten before her rescue, she lost her memory and knows not that her past is fraught with terror. But only Sir Walter can save her from a future that holds an even greater danger.