A Bean, a Pea, and a Mammoth Tusk (Deerbourne Inn)



On a middle school nature hike, Principal Stephen Lathrop, a marathon runner, unearths a twelve-thousand-year-old mammoth tusk. The startling discovery stirs a commotion in Willow Springs, Vermont. The media arrive in trucks; tourists descend by the busload. To curb the chaos, the sheriff hires rookie deputy, Megan Snow.

Stephen and Megan meet and sparks fly. Soon the odd couple is hunting for lost children, chasing thieves, dealing with pot-smoking teens. Ignoring the clamor, the historic Deerbourne Inn plans a Twelfth Night feast and festival, featuring the search for the bean and the pea, and culminating in the crowning of a King and Queen of Mischief.

Up in arms at the loss of their peaceful existence, the villagers take sides—science or heritage? Mischief indeed! Is this the time to plan a wedding?