Bio: I grew up in Glenview, Illinois, moved to Elm Grove, Wisconsin when I was in high school, and then attended college in New York where I majored in English. (I wrote my senior thesis on Lewis Carroll?s Alice in Wonderland.) My husband and I have lived in a suburb of Milwaukee long enough to see the farmers’ fields around us burst into subdivisions. When I was a child and had trouble getting to sleep, I’d make up adventures starring me as the heroine and imagined I?d write stories like those some day. Once our three children were older, I began writing free-lance for local periodicals, including a regular baseball column for the website of my beloved Milwaukee Brewers. I still make up stories as I go to sleep, but now I save them in my computer. I got hooked on ancient ruins the minute I stood among the spirits of the sacrificed virgins at the top of the pyramid at Teotihuac?n near Mexico City. Eventually I visited Mayan ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, where I conceived the idea for what became my first published novel.

Buried Secrets
Buried Heart