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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-555-8
Page Count: 320
Word Count: 0
Rating: Hot (R)
MSRP: 6.00

Feline Predators of Ganz

Zorroc, Supreme Leader of Gattonia, must find a way to save his planet from extinction and defeat the monster race that laid a smart virus into Gattonia’s atmosphere, killing or rendering infertile many of its females. His first step? Procure females from Earth, a compatible species, and bring them back to his planet for breeding. One in particular is essential to his plan, for she would be his…

Legends, folklore, and science fiction all have a basis or thread of truth as far as Catarina Achilles is concerned. Until one evening, reality and fantasy merge to form a cat man, whom she initially believes is a pooka. Before realizing her blunder and divining his intentions, he steals her away to a world of deceit, betrayal…and fevered desire.

When intergalactic cultures collide and passions flare, can anything or anyone survive the cataclysm? Two people from two worlds learn the answer—Destiny will not be denied.

(320 pages) Hot


He’d not moved a hair…

though she now stood close enough to breathe in his clean musky scent. His eyes, however, pulsed vibrantly alive, spearing her very soul. Otherwise, she could have made a good case for an unknown party dropping a statue in the middle of the parking lot, blocking her car.

Gingerly, she put out her hand, gently brushing the center of his chest, and then snapped it back as if she’d been burned. He felt every bit as smooth and hard as he looked but warm to her touch—hot, in fact. She had not counted on the heat. Yep, he was real, all right, and if she told anyone about this, they would commit her and throw away the key chip. Cat believed a certain truth surrounded every folklore and legend. She’d spent hours, in fact, researching everything she could get her hands on concerning the subject, but still…could this really be a mythical spirit come to life?

“You can see me?” he asked.

“Duh. Yes, I can see you; we wouldn’t be having this conversation if I couldn’t see you. Of course, I’ve done all the talking. I thought maybe pookas couldn’t speak. Uh, you are a pooka, aren’t you?” Cat asked, nervously glancing around for anyone who might be able to confirm her sighting. Twin amber-lit pools seemed to pour straight into her center. Such beautiful exotic eyes…

“And the others—can you see them, as well?”

“Huh? Others?” She took a couple of steps back, finally grasping the precariousness of her situation. Cat swung her head in all directions trying to determine the best route of escape. “A fine time for my flight-or-fight instinct to kick in,” she mumbled.

We will take her; prepare to transhift,” Zorroc ordered.

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