The Cowboy and the Hellcat

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Page Count: 67
Word Count: 17704
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

(MSRP: 3.0000)

The Cowboys of the Four Aces

Tomboy Ellie Merrick is determined to one day run her family’s spread and be a respected rancher. When her father announces he’s arranged for Ellie to marry Adam, she’s determined to show the handsome and rugged cowboy her hellcat ways, hoping he’ll bug off the marriage. But when her father reveals a tragic truth, she sets aside her dreams and agrees to the marriage of convenience.

Can the magic of Christmas help the Cowboy and the Hellcat admit the love growing for each other inside their hearts?

(Pages 67) Spicy


Inwardly, Adam cursed. What was it about this woman? Every little move she made got his blood to stirring. “By my watch you’re late.”

“According to the clock in your upstairs hallway, I left the house in plenty of time.” She lifted her nose in defiance. “I came straight here. I’m not late,” she grumbled, obviously not concerned about acting the part of a lady now.

A light gust of wind came at them from the north and made the snow swirl at their feet, serving as another stark reminder they were standing in the freezing night. She shivered. And he was about to step into the boots of the biggest kind of fool.

“Let’s walk,” he said. “We’ll freeze out here.” Pushing aside the possible repercussions for touching her, he looped his arm through hers and headed for the barn.

“Wait. Where are we going?” she asked with a hint of panic in her voice. She pulled back like a stubborn mare, stopping them short.

“Some place warmer.” He tugged her forward in spite of her resistance, in no mood for stubbornness.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She pulled back again, but not hard enough to slow his pace.

“And standing out in the snow and wind is?”

“Well, no. But this isn’t what…I had planned.”

Planned? Yeah. He figured she’d planned out this whole meeting. Damn. He wasn’t in the mood to have his decisions dictated by a woman. Besides, their layers of clothing did nothing to stop the feel of the enticing curve of her arm. And as simple as the touch was, it made him yearn for more. Far more.


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