Shadows in the Fog

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Page Count: 28
Word Count: 0
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

(MSRP: 2.0000)

Amanda yearns for adventure--to drive an automobile or ride in a flying machine--but her parents expect her to marry well. When she won’t cooperate, they order her to a mountain spa to cure her 'nervous disorder.' Unhappy and alone, Amanda watches out her window every day as a solitary stranger appears at the foot of the mountain like a shadow in the fog. Amanda knows nothing about him except she must meet him.

Iaon has his own scars from The Great War and believes he has nothing left to offer anyone. In each other, they glimpse the happiness missing from both their lives. Can they let go of the past and make a future together?

28 Pages, Sweet


“Miss Amanda, come away from that window.” Emma straightened the crocheted coverlet on the brass bed and gave each feather pillow a thump.

Amanda held open the curtain of her seventh-floor hotel room window. Along the narrow tree-lined street below, hotels crowded the sidewalk and soared above the steep ravines. In their midst, like an oasis among their plaster columns and wrought iron balustrades, a small untouched plot of green lawn ran back to the mountain where a narrow stream trickled down to form a shallow pool. Amanda could just make out a tall form, dressed in black, dark hair curling around his collar, standing by the pool. For days she had watched him from the window. Every morning, he materialized out of the fog to fill his jug at the hot spring. He sat straight and tall on the bench by the pool, yet his shoulders drooped when he walked away. Something about the man, maybe his air of tragic loneliness, filled her imagination until she found herself weaving daydreams about him.

He would be tall and kind with a smile that lit up when he saw her. His thick hair would twine around her fingers and when he wrapped his arms around her, she would feel safe.

Liana Laverentz
Nights And Weekends