No Strings Neighbor

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-606-7
Page Count: 260
Word Count: 0
Rating: Spicy(PG13)
MSRP: 6.00

Can a no-strings fling with her sexy, laid-back neighbor take a workaholic accountant's mind off impending financial ruin?

Faced with losing her home, her job and the stability she's craved since her nomadic childhood, the last thing Ellie Winters needs is an irresponsible new neighbor whose intentions are far from honorable. But as her situation deteriorates, Ellie needs a distraction. Soon she's in danger of adding another loss to her list--her heart.

Veterinarian Greg Buchanan is finally on his way to Africa to fulfill his dream. He's sold his partnership, applied for his visa, and when his house/dog-sitting stint is through he can wave goodbye to the responsibilities that have tied him down. But one night with his sexy neighbor and Greg realizes that his problems have only just begun.

(260 pages) Spicy


Ellie glanced over her shoulder.

Greg was indeed checking out her backside.

Just for effect, she narrowed her eyes at him. "How do you like your coffee?"

"Black, and strong enough to support my libido."

She laughed, not quite sure what to think about the fact she rather liked the idea he found her back view worth checking out. But then he was a man, wasn't he? Checking out a female's backside was part of the job description.

"All that caffeine's not good for you."

She watched him step into her kitchen. Heaven's above. The man filled her doorway, his big shoulders almost skimming the frame. He braced a hand either side. "I like most things that aren't good for me."

She bet he did. "Sugar?"

He grinned. "Yes, honey?"

Ellie rolled her eyes. "That's as old as the doorframe you're leaning on."

"Old ones are the best."

"And you'd know."

"Now, now. Play nice."

"I don't intend playing at all. Nice friendly cup of coffee, remember?"

"How could I forget?" He dropped his hands from the doorframe and came over to where she prepared coffee. "Especially when you need to keep pointing out the friendly part."

Blood sped through her system. "Just putting those boundaries in place."

And hoping you'll keep to them.

Fat chance. She imagined Greg Buchanan had a hard time with boundaries.

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