No More Than Friends

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Page Count: 11
Word Count: 0
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

(MSRP: 0.9900)

Helping her best friend Quinton fix up his new house has Brit wanting to help herself to something more. At college, she laid down the ground rules between her and Q: no more than friends.

Now, eight years later, Brit is ready to test the theory "best friends make the best lovers."

But Q has some ground rules of his own.

11 Pages, Spicy


The paint splotch on Brit’s butt was driving Quinton nuts. Every time he turned around, the stain beckoned him to stare at his best friend’s luscious rear end. He faced the wall and slapped on paint rolling it out in an inverted V pattern. Good thing he’d taped off the window, or it’d have a giant stripe of maroon paint splashed across it.

He cleared his throat. “I really appreciate you helping me like this.”

“Anything for you, Q.”

An image popped in his mind: a nude Brit saying those exact words. He shook his head. Come on, man. This is your friend.

No way should he be lusting after his best friend. He glanced back over his shoulder. His mouth went dry.

She stretched to reach a higher part of the wall. The tantalizing dark-brown skin of the small of her back peeked at him.

Her braids were tied back in a bright blue ponytail holder. Even in the baggy HU T-shirt, her breasts taunted him.

Quinton closed his eyes. Focus on painting. He fought to bring his body into submission.

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