It Takes Two

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-647-0
Page Count: 354
Word Count: 85064
Rating: Spicy(PG13)
MSRP: 5.99

When Justine Diamond met football player Zachary Wayne aboard a cruise ship, it was like a sweet dream--and just as unreal.  As fast as she fell in love, he disappeared.  And she thought she would never see him again…

But Zack didn't leave her.  His sudden departure was due to an emergency.  Now he just has to convince Justine of this--if he can find her first.  But Justine is not so willing to take chances, let along grant second ones.  And when Zack waltzes into the Nebraska pet shop owned by Justine, he has to win her trust--to win her heart.  Perhaps a little bird or two will help him…

(354 pages) Spicy



She cocked her hip against the kitchen counter and crossed her ankles.

The robe parted, revealing a length of smooth, curvy leg. Zack’s mouth watered. He firmly forced his gaze to return to her face. Of course she wasn’t teasing him. She probably had no idea the robe had come open—

“Now, where would the fun be in that?” She looked him up and down with those gold tiger eyes of hers, fanning the blaze in his gut.

What had she been thinking, to tease him this way as if nothing had changed between them? Justine stumbled back as he came forward. With a half laugh, half scream, she turned and headed for the safety of her room at a dead run.

Dear God, if he touched her she would ignite!

He caught her before she could get the door closed, pushing it open with little effort. Strong arms circled her waist and lifted her against him; she gasped as she felt the rough hair from his thighs prickle her bare skin. Her nervous giggles died away as shock waves of need, long suppressed but not forgotten, slammed into her. Zack, her body cried out in joyful recognition. Her arms came around his neck of their own accord; her mouth turned unerringly to his the exact moment he sought her lips.

It was heaven and hell.


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