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Trust Your Heart


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Trust Your heart is a motto that Michelle keeps telling herself yet she cannot keep it. Divorced and with children to help grow up she is tired of people setting her up with men. All she wants is someone to love, listen and be there for her. She thought she found the man in her husband but like all other men he cheated on her. Meeting an old flame definitely makes her feel like a woman. That’s something that has been missing in her life for some years. She is not sure why of all times David would appear and wreak havoc in her life. Michelle had a big crush on him yet now as a woman she must decide if she can risk having love again in her life.

Trust Your Heart is a sweet tale of second chances. This is one that will enchant you. I loved that Michelle was an average middle-aged woman who has dealt with divorce and betrayal yet still is strong throughout the whole ordeal. This book definitely keeps your attention and I enjoyed the suspense of waiting to find out who gets Michelle’s heart…the new guy or the old guy. Loved it.
Date Added: 03/21/2010 by Christine Columbus
Sonja Foust
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