A Temporary Arrangement

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-317-2
Page Count: 192
Word Count: 0
MSRP: 6.00

Finn Montgomery needs a wife ... temporarily. With his sister's recent death heavy on his conscience he wants custody of his seven year old nephew, and that means finding a suitable woman and making her an offer she couldn't refuse. Thia Conway needs a miracle ... permanently. Too bad that miracle comes in the shape of a ruthless and arrogant businessman who views a marriage proposal as just another clause in a contract --- a contract Thia has no option but to sign.

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(192 Pages) Rating (Spicy)


Thia spun around to see Finn taking up the space in the doorway. She wished she still held the glass, because he would make a very satisfactory target to hurl it at!

He dropped his shoulder against the frame and folded his arms. "Come on, Thia, out with it."

She wouldn't be distracted by the fact he looked incredibly sexy leaning against that frame. She wouldn't. "Don't let me keep you from your newspaper," she said, coming to stand in front of him and tilting her head to indicate she wanted to get past him.

He just leaned there, but his eyebrows came together in a deep frown. "You're the one that likes talking, so just spit it out."

She folded her arms, becoming aware of her jerky breaths as she stood inches away from him. It was amazing how the man generated heat, how she could always seem to feel the energy coming off of him.

"I really don't like you," she said. "And do you know what? I don't want to talk, not any more."

"What's the matter, Princess, my conversation skills not to your liking?"

Thia scoffed. "Conversation skills?" She scoffed again. "Try putting lack of before those words and you just about have it."

He looked genuinely bewildered. "What do you mean? I've been talking. Christ, I've talked more to you than just about anyone outside a boardroom. What the hell do you want from me?"

She folded her arms tighter across her chest, more to hide the erratic rise and fall of her chest than for any other purpose. "I don't want anything from you. Just let me pass."

"How about a nightcap first."

"We've just had brandy."

He pushed away from the frame and scrubbed a hand through his hair. "For God's sake, Thia."



She took advantage of the space in the door and went to squeeze past him. He simply turned, edging her back against the frame.

"Get out of my way."

"Why?" he said, pushing harder against her. "You're constantly in mine. Digging about this, nagging about that."

"I don't nag." She tried to keep her eyes on his chest, but some malevolent force had other ideas and before she could stop herself their gazes met.

The force was like a punch from a dozen heavyweight boxers, and if she hadn't had the frame for support, Thia knew she would have fallen back.

How could a man so complex, so difficult, have eyes like that? Thia thought, as she looked deep into their dark grey depths. How could he make her want him, even when she knew it was so not in her best interests to want him?

When Finn reached out and placed his hand on the frame inches above her head, Thia jumped. He was effectively trapping her, making it so she couldn't escape.

Her stomach gave one long unsteady roll, and she suddenly felt light-headed and shaky. "I don't like you," she felt compelled to say again. "I really don't like you."

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