Spirit of the Wolf

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A wolf is being drawn by voices on the wind to a place he's never been or seen, miles from his home. At the same time, wildlife artist Alexi Morgan is working on a painting of a wolf running through the snow, seemingly drawing on snippets from her dreams. The further along in her painting she gets, the closer the wolf gets to Alexi. By the time she's finished, the painting has taken on a life of it's own. Can this really be a time when art really imitates life?

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Alexi watched Jake in her little kitchen while he made them sandwiches. He worked silently, but Alexi could tell that something was wrong.

"Okay, spill it, Jake," Alexi said. He turned away from the counter and looked directly at her.

"He is coming," Jake said, as succinct as ever.

"Who's coming?" Alexi asked and then, as if a curtain had fallen away, she saw him. The wolf.

"Your teacher, your earth spirit," Jake replied. "The wolf is my brother, and he is coming to show you how to use the magic that you think you have lost."

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