Baron of Dragon's Reach

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Page Count: 37
Word Count: 0

(MSRP: 3.0000)

As a loving daughter, Elena had agreed to marry the son of her father's enemy to bring peace to their two lands. However, a year later, due to a misguided liaison with a traveling minstrel, she is no longer the promised virgin. When the neighboring land baron announces he's coming to claim his bride, Elena seeks out a witch to cast a spell to disguise her lost innocence. But instead of making her problem disappear, the spell turns Elena invisible, leaving both the fulfillment of her promise to her father, and the possibility of peace, in grave jeopardy.

37 Pages Sweet


Elena's heart thudded in alarm. Lord Giles had brought his sorcerer? To meet his bride? Why? Then she recalled the rumors about her father's hand in Lord Giles's father's death a year ago. For months, Elena's father had been anxious to know if Lord Giles would wage war with them because of it. Yet, when no battle cry had gone up from Dragon's Reach, her father had begun to hope that Lord Giles trusted in his neighbor's innocence. Could her father have been mistaken in that? Or did Lord Giles hold misgivings about her?

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