Less Than Perfect Family

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-223-6
Page Count: 244
Word Count: 0
MSRP: 6.00

A bitter divorce has Sam Michaels wary of commitment. His friendship with Janie McDaniel is no more than whipped cream on the satisfying life he enjoys. Widowed Janie McDaniel is content with her life with her son. She’s not going to risk her friendship with Sam with a brief fling. When Sam’s daughter is killed in a traffic accident and his ex-wife sues for custody of his beloved granddaughter, Sam persuades Janie to marry him to ensure a two-parent family for Family Court. Now can the friendship they treasure stand up under the strain of trying to form a family?

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(244 pages) Spicy


Janie raised her eyebrows at Stuart, who grinned at her with his dad's smile, his eyes sparkling with her own amber tones. She raised her eyebrows at him, "A water gun?"

From the other side of the rental car, Sam said innocently, "We got hot." He shot a spray of water from his, hitting Janie.

"Whoa, Sam, bad move," Stuart shrieked.

Janie promptly plastered Sam with a solid stream of water from the hose sprayer.

"Fastest hose in the state," Janie smugly told Sam.

He laughingly took the band from his hair and shook the water from it. Rich black shot with silver cascaded past his shoulders. Then he wrung the water from the front of his shirt.

"Would you like me to run your shirt through the dryer?"

Sam stripped the wet shirt off. "Guess I'll have to wear the shirt I picked up at the aquarium. Yeah, throw this one in the dryer. Along with yours," he shouted. He grabbed the hose with one hand and held her with the other thoroughly drenching her before turning the hose on Stuart and Cami who chased across the yard squirting each other and the dogs.

"You are sneaky and rotten, Music Man," Janie declared. "And I'm sure glad you came to visit."

His arms came around her. He still held the hose with its sprayer no longer activated.

Sunlight sparkled like diamonds as it caught the drops of water on the curled hair of Sam's chest. His hand moved up her back lightly pressing her closer.

She leaned her head against his shoulder, smelling sunlight, chlorinated water, and skin. She absolutely would not bury her nose in Sam's chest and inhale healthy skin.

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