Where There's Smoke (novel)

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Is there such a thing as being too close, knowing each other too well?

Lauren Stokes put a lid on her attraction toward her best friend Seth Escamilla years ago. She’d never be his type of woman, so why torture herself? When sexual awareness strikes during a friendly football game, she’s stunned. He’s guilty for injuring her and looks after her, but Lauren resorts to wisecracking to distance herself from him. Seth’s confused by the new emotions swamping him. This is Lauren, his best friend, someone he has fun with, not someone he has fun with! He doesn’t plan to settle down, and he won’t risk their friendship when they have no future. They resist the new attraction, and the efforts of their families to push them together. When a wedding loosens their inhibitions, keeping the new aspect of their relationship a secret is harder than they would have thought.

PRINT ISBN 1-60154-206-2
(200 pages) Spicy


He heard shuffling and the knob rattled. He took that as an invitation and opened the door. All he could think then was this invitation wasn't what he'd expected. Lauren stood frozen, her eyes huge with shock, in a white tank top kind of thing with some lace over breasts he'd never let himself notice. And she wore these bottoms that looked kind of like running shorts, only lighter, and whiter. And clingier. And--girly.

Man. Since when had her legs gone all the way up to her ears anyway? They were so shapely and white, except for her poor swollen knee, puckered from the too-tight bandage.

He pulled his tongue back in and cleared his throat.

"Go ahead and sit down and I'll wrap it before you get dressed."

She sat, still silent, on the closed toilet and Seth knelt at her feet. If he'd been wearing a collar he'd be tugging at it. He found it suddenly difficult to swallow in the steamy room, scented with flowery shampoo. Now he needed to touch that soft lovely skin. Lauren's skin.

Lauren. His best friend. He cleared his throat again, shifted his weight to alleviate some of the pressure building in his lower body, and reached for the bandage. He was careful to keep his eyes on her knee, to think of her as a patient, even though he wanted to see how the damp air of the bathroom made her top cling to her--top.

No, no, no. This was Lauren. Careful not to touch her, he started wrapping her knee. His fingertips brushed her skin and both of them jumped. She made a little noise, an "Oh!" and Seth looked up into her face.

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