When the World is Right

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Page Count: 12
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Brian Hawthorne never meant to hurt his wife Casey, but he had. He never meant for them to fight. But they did. Hadn’t meant to spend the night alone at a hotel. But he did that too. Now all Brian wants to do is make amends. Assure Casey of his love. But, will she accept the gift he’s brought her and forgive him? And make their world right once again.

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Straightening, Brian brushed the accumulated snow from his shoulders once again. Watching the knob turn, his mouth went dry. What if he'd made a mistake coming here? Was he wrong to buy the kitten? Would Casey even want to see him--talk to him? Could he even...

The last insecurity was mercifully cut short as the door opened and his wife stood outlined in the entrance. Unable to move or even to speak, he could only stare, taking in all he'd missed that one night and the following day. He took in the curves of her slight, pixie like, body. Small in stature yet one which held the power to easily thrill his own. He wanted so much to take her into his arms. To tell her, convince her, he still loved her. And, always would. Except the look she gave him halted any action he might have taken. Instead, he had to settle for second best. He had to settle for just being able to look at her. He gazed at the heart shaped face he loved to cradle between his palms. The long dark hair that flowed like silk beneath his fingers. The huge brown eyes that had always looked back at him with love.

Wary brown eyes stared back at him now.

"Hi." It was all he could manage.

She moved back and motioned him in. "Hi."

"It's snowing out there." He attempted a smile as he stepped over the threshold.

She closed the door. "I know."

He noticed she kept her hand on the knob. To steady herself because she's as nervous as I am? Or to bide her time until she can tell me goodbye?

An obvious silence hung between them, heavy in its emptiness. Brian withstood the void as long as he could until the lack of sound became as irritating as a wailing siren.

Casey's thoughts must have mirrored his. At the same moment, they both began to speak.

"I had no right..." he blurted.

"I should have listened..." she began.

Each stopped in mid sentence, laughed nervously and the awkward silence returned. They stood facing each other. So close, yet not touching. So in love, yet each afraid to make the first move.

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