How Faerie Dust Is Made

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-195-6
Page Count: 176
Word Count: 0
MSRP: 4.50

A colony of faeries lives among the lush green forests of Roscommon, Ireland near the Arigna Mountains. Their lives would be peaceful were it not for the humans who live in the area with them. The humans dislike faeries and their magic, and the two races are often at odds. But faerie or human, love makes no distinction. And both will soon find that love is the greatest magic of all. Conall may be human, but he is Aisling’s life mate. She’s certain of it. After all, a faerie knows these things. Can her magic end the feud between their families? And just how is faerie dust made?

PRINT ISBN 1-60154-195-3
(140 pages) Spicy


Conall's laughter filled her with hope. No longer did he seem to distrust her. Mayhap the task of surmounting his prejudice would not be as difficult as she first believed. Slowly his laughter subsided to a soft chuckle and he again lowered his face to hers.

His uncommon sea-green gaze was twinkling with mirth. "Ah, lass, I quiver in fear of yer talents. Have mercy, I beg ye." He raised his to hand push a lock of hair behind her ear. "What must I do to put meself in yer good graces?"

Her heart skipped a beat at the slight touch. "Do?"

"Aye, name yer forfeit, Aisling, fey vision of Arigna Forest." His voice was a tender caress she felt to her bones.

"A kiss," she replied without pause, without thought.

His lips curved in a sly smile. "Have ye e'er been kissed afore, sweetling?"

"Nay. Will ye be my first, Conall?" His lips were so close now, she could feel their warmth. His breath mingling with her own, her pulse leapt in anticipation.

"Aye." His lips brushed hers in a feather-soft touch. Without thinking, she raised her hands against his chest. Her palms slid against a firm wall of muscle, her fingers tangling in his shirt.

His arms encircled her, pulling her to him, his lips claiming hers in a searing blaze, igniting a firestorm between them. Liquid heat pulsed in her veins and her head was swimming as she melted into him. Then suddenly she felt the tip of his tongue tease the corner of her mouth. A soft moan escaped her, and her lips parted of their own accord.

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