Christmas On Parole

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-164-2
Page Count: 112
Word Count: 0
MSRP: 4.50

Welcome back to Noelle, Alberta, home of the infamous Reindeer Games, Santa Claus Holloran, and a fifteen-foot Rudolph monument welcoming you to town—that is, before Deke Halls accidentally runs his semi into it. Thanks to the beautiful but annoying judge, instead of a holiday vacation in Bermuda, Deke’s spending Christmas on parole.

Having divorced his kind before, Laney McGovern isn’t about to let the good-for-nothing trucker get away with reckless driving and decapitating the town’s cherished historical monument. Sentencing him to community service with each of the six founding families seems like a just punishment. When the eccentric townsfolk begin to embrace the handsome cowboy, this judge slowly discovers not all offenders of the heart are the same.

PRINT ISBN 1-60154-164-3
(93 pages) Sweet


"Little tall for one of Santa's elves, aren't you?"

Deke's gaze landed on her and his smile disintegrated. "Judge." He nodded crisply. "Checking up on me already?"

So much for a little fun. Her hackles rose of their own accord. She tried to play nice but, obviously, he didn't want to. "That is my job," she said, digging a booted toe into the snow.

"Don't worry, I'll do mine then get out of your hair." Deke lifted another child on Santa's lap. His smile flickered on for the children and off for her like broken Christmas tree lights.

Laney shoved off and stormed around the sleigh towards her jeep. "Good, make sure you do."

Men! Who needed them any way? Nothing but a pain in the ass.

The tingles creeping up from the firm hand clamped around her arm made the owner unmistakable. She had half a mind to turn and deck him for his audacity.

"I'm sorry."

The apologetic expression beneath a lowered Stetson dissolved the angry words, leaving only puzzlement on her tongue. "What?"

"Look, I'm sorry about just now." Deke's free hand gestured towards the sleigh. "I've had an unusual twenty-four hours and, well, I put all the blame on you. No excuse, I know but I am sorry." He pushed back his Stetson and rubbed his eyes before returning their warm gaze to her face. His voice softened. "This is not how I want you to see me."

Laney yanked her arm free to cross tightly over her chest with the other. She refused to let the constriction in her throat and other intimate places overrule her ability to think rationally. "Oh? And just how do you want me to see you, Mr. Halls?"

He didn't have to speak--his smile said it all.

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