Un-A-Were of You

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Page Count: 30
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Alpha is the hottest men’s magazine around. At least in Aiden Jacob’s opinion and by rights it should be, werewolves own it. Aiden has found the picture perfect girl and mate. Her allergy to dogs is a slight issue, but surely with a few antihistamines she can be putty in his paws, right?

Cricket Summers is Alpha's new cover model and has a promotion—Despite the glitches. One, her boss is sexier than hell and wants to bed her faster than a girl can say “Big Bad Wolf.” Two, hurt in the past, Cricket is afraid to trust her heart to love again. Aiden makes her want to give into both—right after she stops sneezing.

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"Hello, I'm Cricket Summers." With a soft sway she stepped closer to him.

Unsure, if it was the movement of her hips or the sultry softness of her voice, but the lady had his complete attention. He took the hand she extended and her dark eyes sparkled.

"Aiden Jacobs." His skin flamed on contact against the satiny silk of hers. He swallowed back a groan. He wanted her. There was something electric to the simplest touch.

Her breath caught, indicating she had felt it too. She released her hand from his as the left hand rose to her face and covered it with tissue. A sneeze left her; at least that's what he was guessed that pathetic whimper sound was.

He frowned slightly. "Are you sick?"

Cricket smiled sweetly and his libido kicked up a notch. "I think it's my allergies."

Aiden nodded and again with a swoop of his eyes assessed her.

She would look amazing on the cover of the magazine, sinfully beautiful as those full lips parted in climax naked on my bed and striking next to me as my mate for life.

Aiden pushed his thoughts aside and focused on her allergy comment. His head tilted and he glanced around the room before resting his attention back on her. "Allergies?"

"I think so." Blinking, she broadened her smile. "Odd. The only thing I'm allergic to is dogs. That's why I didn't become a vet."

Oh hell, we have a problem--A very big problem.

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