Recipe for Love

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Page Count: 53
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Roberta Pennybrooke didn't mind being the plain sister. After all, she had her studies and her secret correspondence with a handsome poet to keep her happy. But then Berta's beautiful younger sister comes to London for her first season, making Berta discontent with her unmarried state. Worse, Berta's poet writes to say that he is coming to London and wants to meet her in person! Suddenly she is desperate to change from ugly duckling to dazzling swan.

53 Pages Sweet


The music began, and they started to move. They were both excellent dancers, and neither of them missed a step. Though she carefully kept her face blank, Berta's heart was beating wildly, though she was known for her witty conversation, at the moment she couldn't even think of a comment to make on the weather.

After a few moments Lord Fulton spoke. "I'm very happy to make your acquaintance at last, Miss Pennybrooke."

Berta remained silent, so he continued. "I hope you are not regretting that I've sought you out."

What could she say? Before she could come up with something clever, she blurted out "I'm not as long as you're not."

He chuckled, an absolutely musical sound. "How could I regret meeting the lady whose wit and intelligence have kept me eagerly awaiting each post for the past year?"

Berta gave a small gasp and blushed. "So you are not disappointed in me?"

His eyes grew warm. "How could you think so? After all this time I feel I know you as well as I know myself."

"But you don't," Berta insisted. "In my letters I could choose what to reveal to you and what to keep secret."

Lord Fulton smiled in a way that caused Berta to shiver, though not unpleasantly. "Then I look forward to learning all of your secrets Miss Pennybrooke."

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