Cowboy's Wish

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After breaking off her engagement to a man she didn't love, fashion designer Melanie Rourke has moved from Calgary to Dallas for a fresh start?as long as she can avoid running into ancient history. But fate has other ideas, and a broken-down truck and a Texas downpour leave her stranded with Cody Armstrong, the man she loved and lost. Cody loves his new ranch outside Dallas, but it didn't take him long to realize that leaving Melanie behind was a big mistake. Problem is, by the time he went back to find her, Melanie was engaged to someone else. How could he have given his heart to someone so fickle? But now he has an all-too-single Melanie in his house. Will she end up in his bed and in his arms? Only if this cowboy gets his wish.

Miniature Rose
43 Pages (Spicy)


Melanie Rourke squinted through the rain bouncing off her windshield as she drove her new pick up through Dallas. She was feeling good about the move down here and taking the job, despite the rain that had started to pour since arrival. Of course it never rained in the brochures or when you're house hunting, but sure enough, the day you move in, one crack of thunder and a bolt of lighting later, it's a Texas downpour.

However, when they said that everything was bigger in Texas, she'd never counted on that including the raindrops. She rotated the dial on her signal light stick, and the windshield wipers picked up speed in their sideways scoot across the glass. Her truck's engine hesitated then revved fast and hard. She frowned. This wasn't what she needed, not today. Her truck hesitated again.

"What the hell?"

Her answer came in a putt-sputter decline of power and a slow hiss of steam from underneath the hood. The cloud blocked her view of the road ahead. Groaning, she pulled over to the side of the road and shook her head. With fingers wrapped around the steering wheel she looked at the steam then at the rain coming down. There were days when if she didn't have bad luck, she wouldn't have any luck at all.

Melanie stretched across the seat to where she had dumped her knapsack with her sketchbook and the new line's folder. Rummaging through the knapsack she came up with her cell phone and flipped it open. It chimed, played a tune and went dead.

No luck what so ever. God, why me? Why today?

She didn't wait for a reply, but instead popped the hood of the truck. After checking for traffic, she jumped out. With her head bowed against the rain, she found the latch and clipped it back with her fingertips, swearing at the pain as a nail bent backward.

She stepped back as she raised the hood and more steam escaped. Once it cleared, she propped the hood up with the silver rod.


The sound of a truck door slamming echoed near by. She peered around her truck to see a broad shouldered cowboy in fitted jeans and a Stetson swagger toward her.

Yummy. A cowboy hero, wonderful and I mean that--this time.

Melanie looked back at the steaming hunks of metal that comprised her engine and whatever else. Mechanically inclined she wasn't.

"You seem to have some trouble." The familiar baritone of his voice snapped her attention to the man beside her. His dark eyes widened and his sexy mouth parted. The Stetson sat back on his head and the rain poured over it, down his back. "Melanie?"

"Hi Cody. Long time no see." She blinked. The bastard still affects me. Just breathe. He has no right to be so gorgeous.

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