Dinah of Seneca

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ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-577-5
ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-745-3
Page Count: 326
Word Count: 87240
Rating: Hot (R)
MSRP: 7.00

The Roman Empire of this tenth century stretches from Russia in the East to a new continent in the West. But a new continent brings new threats to their rule. The Roman garrison in Seneca, located in modern-day New York, lacks the supplies and men needed to defeat an alliance of native Mahicans and immigrant Vikings.

Dinah, a former slave trained in espionage, had hoped Seneca would be the start of a new life. Instead, she'd pulled back into war. If Seneca is to survive, Dinah must reconcile her allegiance to Rome with her chance to create her own destiny in the New World with Gerhard, the Viking Chief.

(Pages 326) Hot
Graphic Language/Violence


Sacred oath-bond or deception? She did not know which was worse.

An odd silence fell as Gerhard turned back to her, his expression now blank. There was so much about this that she didn't understand.

"Dinah." Gerhard cleared his throat. "Listen."

She blinked her eyes and nodded. Gerhard said a word that sounded like "mother," which rooted her firmly back in reality. He bowed to her, took out his sword and offered it to her, hilt first.

"It is custom among our people that the wife receive the husband's sword, to hold in keeping for their eldest son." His face filled with a sudden hope, which died so soon Dinah wondered if she'd imagined it.

Her hand shook as she closed it over the jeweled hilt. Good workmanship there, she thought. Someone had set the gems in far enough that they wouldn't interfere with wielding the sword. And the blade was steel. Gerhard's people had been wealthy once, to trade with Romans for steel.

After a moment, Gerhard took his hand off the sword, raising his eyebrow to her. She could end this right now if she wanted, she knew enough about handling swords to run him through.

But this sword was for a son. A family.

Your sons will be kings.

Flee or stand? The choice was now.

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