Valentine's Day Do-Over

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Page Count: 51
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(MSRP: 3.0000)

Eros, God of Love, has looked into the hearts of Ivy Valentine and Rome Hartt and knows they are soul mates. What he didn't know, was how hard it would be to bring them together and vows to make the day repeat until they get it right. Rome-owner of his late father's floundering business-isn't sure how to stop the repeating day, but he's determined to have the winning lottery ticket in hand when it does. Ivy the scientist's life revolves around rules and facts. How can a day repeat? Unable to figure it out, she looks for a way to stop it. Could the handsome man she keeps bumping into be the key?

Miniature Rose
(51 pages) Sensual


Rome fingered the square piece of paper in his hand and rushed past the boxed-chocolate display in the hotel gift shop. He'd been playing the lottery twice a week for a year now in hopes of solving his financial woes. So far that strategy had paid off about as well as selling mittens in Hawaii. He shoved the ticket in his pocket and joined the masked crowd in the lobby.

The mask tonight's festivities dictated he wear limited his visibility, and he bumped into several people. "Oh, sorry," he said to the second person he'd shouldered.

"No harm done," the woman replied and continued on her way.

He took a step toward the ballroom, then halted. She smelled good. He pulled in another breath. The scent of summer, flowers, and some unknown spice tripped his pulse. It'd been a long time since his body had such an immediate response to the opposite sex. He looked back. Maybe he should pursue the woman.

"There you are, Rome."

He turned toward his mother's voice. Raquel Hartt floated to him in a cloud of pink chiffon and lace. "I was afraid you wouldn't show up."

"I almost didn't." He wanted nothing more than to go to bed and end this nightmare of a day.

"Well, thank you for coming out to support me, sweetheart, and for wearing the outfit I sent over. You look dashing." She stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

He grabbed the hem of his blue velvet cape and shook the waist-length material until it puffed out around him. "Really? That's funny. I feel like a walking advertisement for a mugging."

His mother laughed and snatched his arm. "Don't be silly. The only assaults would come from the many admiring women you're attracting."

He snorted. "I think you got me mixed up with your other son." Women didn't admire him. Except for Glenda. He hated when she was in between boyfriends. She always looked at him as if he were the dish of the day. He shook his head. She'd find a new menu item soon.

"No, I most certainly did not. Both my boys are good-looking." His mother squeezed his arm and steered them toward the ballroom. "You deserve some fun in your life, Rome. For the past three years you've devoted all your time to the business. Your father would be proud but angry. He never intended for you to stop living."

His brows rose. He hadn't realized his mother knew about his lack of social life. "I haven't stopped living. I enjoy what I do." Most of the time.

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