Hidden Prospects

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Page Count: 21
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A week in the Alaskan wilderness photographing wildlife sounds like just what Megan needs. Her boyfriend's left her and her apartment seems empty; some time away can only be a good thing. Right?
When she meets Stetson Walker and things begin to heat up with the handsome cowboy, Megan wonders if the wilds of Alaska are as harmless as she'd imagined them to be. She's certainly learning that the men are many things?but tame isn't one of them.

(21 pages) Sweet


"You'd better grab your own bag," said the cowboy, turning toward the SUV. "We don't offer bellhop services around here. You're not in the city any more, miss."

Juggling her laptop case, camera bag and handbag on one arm, Megan reached down, grabbed the handle of her carry-on, and followed the surly man. The sound of the rolling wheels on the airstrip was as grating as the buzz of an irate mosquito, and the walk seemed endless.

* * * *

As they drove off the tarmac and the small twin-engine plane began to taxi into position for take-off behind them, the cowboy turned to Megan and smiled. When he did, it was as if the sun dimmed. His teeth were so white against his rugged, tanned face and his eyes, even bluer up close, sparkled like sunlight dancing on the ocean.

"I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot," he said in a voice that was as smooth as honey on a hot biscuit. "I apologize. I've got a mare foaling any time now and I'm ... well, I guess I'm a bit anxious about the whole thing."

Tall, handsome, rugged and sensitive. Great, just what I don't need. I took this assignment to get away from the opposite sex and the first thing that happens is I find this cowboy. Great, just great.

Despite her desire to dislike him solely on the basis of his sex, Megan felt a smile settle over her face. "An anxious new father?" she asked.

Without a trace of embarrassment, he nodded.

The brim of his wide hat cast his eyes in shadow. "I've got to admit, I'm just that. Every time it happens, I wait and wonder. Excitement, anticipation and a bit of worry all rolled into one jittery package--until I see the shaky-legged new one take its first steps. Hey, that might be one of the things you could take some pictures of; the new baby on the ranch."

"That's a good idea," she agreed, nodding thoughtfully. The assignment was to take photos of wildlife for a brochure highlighting the Alaskan wilderness. Newborn animals weren't exactly on the agenda, but she didn't have the heart to tell him. What harm would just acting as if it were a real possibility cause?

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