Cheatin' Hearts

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Page Count: 8
Word Count: 1207
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

(MSRP: 0.9900)

When a mysterious Stetson plunked on her head leads Cara North to a chocolate-eyed cowboy, will she find true love or just another lyin? cheatin? heart?

(11 pages) Sensual


"Oookay, you weren't wearing that when you went to get the drinks."

Setting down the chilled bottles on the Dusty Cowboy's worn tabletop, I gave my hips free reign to the little sways they insisted on doing to the George Strait classic crooning from the popular honky-tonk's jukebox. "It was the craziest thing. I had to cut through a corner of the dance floor on my way back and next thing I knew, I was half blinded by this thing." Using the lip of my long-neck, I tipped up the front of the newly acquired black Stetson.

My brother-in-law Ray's thin hand reached out to grab up the other two bottles. "You mean someone just plunked it on your head?" He pushed the rounded green one in front of his wife who instantly went into gush mode.

"Like an invitation! Oh Cara, I bet he's out there right now just waiting for you to find him."

"What? Like a reversed Cinderella's slipper or something?" Snorting, I swept down a quick swallow then used the burnished bottle to point at my sister Michelle's rounding belly. "If that's a girl in there, I hope you don't fill her head with all this frilly nonsense."

Pink lips twisted along with the lid off her sparkling water. "You used to believe in it."

"Yeah, well. We all have to grow up sometime--most of us anyway."

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