Fearless Heart

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Page Count: 19
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Miranda Hansen has been in love with Luke Dannon since the first time she visited the Lazy D Ranch at the tender age of ten. For the past fifteen years, she kept coming back, trying to find the courage to confess what her heart has always known and prove she’s not one of the typical tourist he distrusts. But this year will be the last year--and her last chance to prove to Luke that they belong together. Will her fearless heart prevail or will Luke’s pride destroy all she’s ever dreamed about?

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Miranda eyed the animal, chestnut with a white star blazing down his face, her eyes level with the top of his back. "Don't you have one a little shorter?"

He gave a baritone chuckle. "Don't worry, darlin'. Junior's almost as gentle as I am."

It was the same scene played out every summer. She'd been riding horses her entire life, but each year, she pretended to be a helpless female just to watch Luke puff and preen like a peacock. And if it gave her a few extra minutes with Luke, she was more than happy to play along.

He winked a vivid blue eye and patted the saddle. "Put one foot in the stirrup, and I'll help you up."

One hand over hers and the other planted firmly on her backside, Luke handed her into the saddle. The imprint of his palm scorched her bottom. Shivers dancing along her spine.

With effortless grace, Luke swung himself up on his black stallion. He sat tall and proud, yet relaxed, in the saddle.

She briefly closed her eyes, drew in a deep breath and released it slowly. If he didn't acknowledge his affections this afternoon, this would be the last summer she'd visit the ranch. She'd start a new job, a new life. This time, Miranda came to the ranch--to him--straight from graduating top of her Veterinary class specializing in Equine Medicine--and with two ready job offers. One prosperous and more than a recent grad could ever imagine, and the other from a simple dude ranch, a lot less money or prestige, but possibly worth so much more than either. All depending on one thing, one person--Luke Dannon.

So, here she was. Before she made a decision, she needed one more chance to convince him they belonged together. When it came to loving him she was fearless, and to get through his thick head, she was going to have to take drastic measures--including give up a possible dream job to be with him.

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