Blood Hunt

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-440-7
Page Count: 308
Word Count: 0
Rating: Hot (R)
MSRP: 6.00

How far would you go to keep a deadly secret? Would you let a little boy die? Nurse Brianna Eaton's world turns upside down when EMTs bring her best friend and her six-year-old son to St. Francis. Bri's blood is the only hope he has. If she saves him, she can no longer hide what she is--a hybrid, part vampire, part witch. Forces will come against her; it's only a matter of time. Not even the fierce vampire protector her father assigns can stop the fulfillment of The Legend.

PRINT ISBN 1-60154-440-5
(308 Pages) Rating (Hot)


Dr. Reese walked through the door. Bri saw the anxiety on his face, the utter bleakness in his stance. She felt his anguish from across the room where she sat on a vinyl sleeper chair, designed to fold out into a single bed so a family member could stay with a loved one while they recover. Megan put a hand over her heart. "He isn't. . .?"

Not yet.

Bri heard Dr. Reese's thought and cringed. This can't be happening. Not to Jason. Not to a six-year-old little boy with his whole life ahead of him. Not to Megan. She'd lost her husband three years ago. Hadn't she suffered enough?

He cleared his throat. "Jason is alive. There's no easy way to say this, I'm sorry." He glanced at Bri with loving, paternal affection before returning his gaze to Megan. "It's a touch and go situation. They have to remove his spleen and. . .he suffered liver damage."


Bri heard the ugly word Dr. Reese thought, but omitted telling out of love. She listened, dazed as he went on to say, "He's in good hands, Megan, the best. They'll call when he's out of surgery. After they give us the okay, Dr. Clark agreed to let me take you down to the Surgical ICU in a wheelchair and stay with Jason for a little while."

Megan glanced at the ceiling, tears sliding down her cheeks. "My heart keeps saying don't give up, he'll pull through. But my mind keeps replaying what I've seen in real life. I can't think of one kid who survived something like this." She groaned, the sound laden with anguish and despair. "I don't want to be right. Oh God, I don't want to be right. Dr. Reese, please tell me I'm wrong. Please tell me my Jason's going to make it through the night."

Dr. Reese dropped his gaze to the floor. "If I lied, you'd know it, Megan. His prognosis is grim, but miracles happen. He may surprise us yet."

Megan's lips tightened into a thin, angry line. "That's not good enough. Maybe you two want to take a wait and see attitude, not me. No sir, not me. Never." She clamped her arms around her middle, her eyes fierce. "It almost killed me when Stephen died fighting that fire. I can't go through that again. I won't. You have to help my son, Bri. He's all I have left in this world." Megan rocked back and forth on the bed like someone fighting to comfort herself. She turned and stared at Bri. "I've seen things."

Bri's heart skipped a beat. "What things?"

"When we were growing up, I saw plenty. I pretended not to notice the weird stuff about you. I'd convinced myself you were some kind of powerful magician and only I knew your secret."

"A magician?" If only it were that simple.

"I never told a soul what I saw, Bri. Ever. I thought if I told anyone, you'd stop being my friend and move away. I'd never see you again."

Bri shook her head. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't you? I remember red, angry, sunburns that disappeared overnight. Childhood cuts and bruises that vanished before my eyes. The time you fell off your bike and broke your left arm. It was a compound fracture, Bri. Twisted. Mangled. The bone stuck out through the skin. You stood and it had healed, like it never happened."

Dr. Reese stepped forward, his face stark white. "You're imagining things."

Megan pointed an accusing finger at him. "I don't understand it all, but you know about Bri, don't you? That's the only thing that makes sense. That's why you do her physicals; handle her immunizations, everything--including periodic blood tests the hospital requires."

"Listen to yourself," Dr. Reese said. "What you're saying is crazy. I delivered Bri into this world and I look after her medical needs, like any of my patients. It's the concussion, Megan. You're not thinking straight."

"Maybe." She leveled her eyes suspiciously at him. "Nevertheless, I want Bri to donate blood for Jason."

For several seconds, Bri couldn't move. She stood there paralyzed by disbelief, overwhelmed by terror. Her mind sought escape, but there was no escape. Megan's demand ricocheted like a deadly silver bullet accurately fired into Bri's brain, tearing at her sanity.

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