To Tame A Tiger

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Luke Aron is one of the last legendary warriors called Tigers. When a centuries old curse leads to him being magically bonded to Violet Hylan, the unbeatable fighter learns the true pain of being owned body and soul by a woman he could love.

Violet wishes more connected her to Luke than a magical bond and simmering lust. But before they can work out their emotional confusion, they must first survive the powerful witch who would have Luke for her own in her quest to conquer all of Salubria.

Betrayal from within the walls of Violet's home and her suspicious family are only a few of the obstacles in their path to happiness as she searches for the means to tame her wild Tiger.

(Pages 370) Spicy


Violet broke into his growing desperation. “How does a sorceress take your bond?”

“Even though a Tiger dies if his bond is unattached, his will and inner self fight to retain his freedom. His bond can only be taken when he loses command of himself.”

He stared hard at his fingers working the spoon handle into the lock. He didn’t want to see the shock and disgust on her face.

“You mean like losing your temper?”

He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. Fates in heaven! He was going to have to explain it.

“Tigers never lose their temper. There is only one situation when they are open to another taking control of their soul...”

Violet stared at him in complete confusion. “And what would that moment be?”

“When a Tiger is in the midst of… When he’s in bed with a woman and…”


He spilled the words rapidly. “When he gives a woman his seed, his soul is open and vulnerable. The sorceress can take his bond while he’s so defenseless.”

He held his breath. He expected her to laugh, but she remained silent.

Violet stared at him in thoughtful silence. Then she nodded. “That explains it.”

“Explains what? You believe me now?”

“I think I do. I can’t think of another reason Beka would order Verna to…” Violet gestured toward his lap.

Dread curdled in Luke’s middle. “What did they do?”

Violet blushed, but she held his gaze.

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