Cupid's Dilemma

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-227-4
Page Count: 116
Word Count: 0
Rating: 0
MSRP: 4.50

Preston Heartgrove took his job as Cupid seriously. He made sure everyone who was supposed to fall in love on Valentine’s Day couldn’t resist each other. But when he’s required to find his own love of a lifetime, he doesn’t know where to start. Would he succeed without using his magic, or die trying?

104 Pages Sensual


Miki couldn't help but notice how well he filled out the tight checked flannel shirt with a white T-shirt peeking from underneath the unbuttoned collar.

She shot a grin in his direction trying to strangle a giggle, noting his insistent scratching with the pencil. "Still battling dry skin? Maybe you have allergies. Have you ever thought about being checked for an allergic reaction to your pet?"

From the look Preston darted her way, he must think she was rude. Great, now she would lose her one loyal customer. Not to mention that any romantic thoughts she had about the two of them were now as slim as a matchstick. Miki had yet to figure out why the man intrigued her so much.

"Yes, I battle it every winter I'm afraid." Preston became conscious of his obsessive scratching and threw down the pencil, causing the eraser to bounce against the glass countertop.

"I'll pick Cocoa up in about an hour." He opened the carrier and set the cat on the counter before he headed to the door.

"An hour is good. I'll have her looking her finest." Miki reached over to stroke Cocoa, who rolled over on her back for a belly rub and started purring.

She carried Cocoa to the back, noticing out the small side window that Preston was headed to the candy shop next door. How the man ate so many sugary confections and maintained such well-toned body was beyond her. If she ate even half the amount of chocolate bonbons he inhaled, she'd look like a blimp on steroids.

"Your owner sure loves his chocolates," Miki snuggled the cat closer, rubbing her under her chin. Within seconds, she almost dropped Cocoa in shock when she could have sworn the cat mumbled something which sounded like the words, "Of course he does."

This is it, I'm definitely losing it. She inhaled a deep breath and shook her head. "I think this cold weather is getting to me. Now I think animals are talking to me."

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