All's Fair in Love and Politics

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ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-160-9
Page Count: 208
Word Count: 57171
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

When sexy reporter Doug Kapshaw shows up on Abigail Fortman's doorstep to cover her state senate campaign, Abigail knows to keep her guard up. Doug's not after her story. He’s after an expose on Abigail’s U.S Senator father. Though Abigail’s relationship with her father is tense at best, she’s not going to be the pawn that brings Grant Fortman down.

Despite his assignment to use Abby, Doug can’t help but be attracted to her mix of strength and vulnerability. When Grant gets Doug fired, Abby is ready to take a stand against her father. Working together to bring Grant down, Doug and Abby can no longer fight the attraction between them. Attraction turns into much more, but while the secrets they uncover promise to revive Doug’s career, the ugly truth about her father poses the biggest challenge to Doug and Abby living happily ever after.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 208
Word Count: 57171


There was something arresting about the picture. Some uncomfortable déjà vu feeling. Which was absurd. She’d never been to the Kapshaw farm, and she’d known Doug for little more than a week.

Yet there was a feeling she’d been there before, watching the cool breeze ruffle the waves of his dark hair, her heart beating quicker as she took a few steps toward the house. A feeling that this was something important.

Foolish. Ridiculous. Utterly insane. Even as she took the first stair of the porch, her heartbeat still wasn’t steady. “Why did you bring me here?” Abby demanded. The way his green eyes watched her added to the unnerved feeling.

“You’d never been to a farm. That’s a pretty egregious disconnect if sustainable agriculture is your pet issue.”

Because he stood there, casually leaning against the post of the porch, Abby took the last step, putting herself inches away. Though it did nothing to ease her erratic pulse, she would stand her ground and get to the bottom of this puzzle.

“It’s not your job to correct my egregious errors. It’s your job to exploit them and make me look like a fool.”

His eyes studied her mouth for a moment, and Abby refused to analyze why heat crept through her center and up to her cheeks.

“No, it’s my job to make a story out of you. I only have to make you look like a fool if you are one.”

A voice in her head scoffed. The voice told her reporters lie, all people lie. No one was as good or honest as they seemed. It was her father’s voice, and it was surprisingly weak against the force of her heart that wanted desperately to believe Doug’s words.

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